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We package and ship all of our Paint by Number Kits straight from our home in London, United Kingdom.


All our canvases are already FRAMED, not rolled or folded to prevent any unwanted creases and to make you feel not only relaxed but also comfortable while painting


Each Paint by Number Kit includes 1 set of highly pigmented , non-toxic and environmentally friendly acrylic paints, 1 set of brushes and a framed high- quality canvas


Each painting kit comes into a nice handled carton box, bubble wrapped to avoid any delivery incidents.

Painting by number with delivery in entire UK!


It is a well known fact that Painting by number it is an activity that not only children enjoy, but also adults. They increase mood, improve colour perception, relax after a hard day of work, and develop the artistic spirit of painting. The Paint by Number Kit will be a perfect gift for your child or relatives and friends, which will attract even the most experienced painter in the painting process.

On our site you can find a tremendous variety of Paint by Numbers kits for Adults, for those who are barely acquainted with the art of painting, but also for professional painters. Among the options on this site you can find different painting styles, from realism to expressionism, as well as a large selection of subjects in the following fields:


Paint by Numbers ― a relatively young and new direction that improves the creativity in both: adults and children. By comprehending this method of painting by numbers, nowadays anyone can become an painter without possessing certain special skills in this type of art. Simply by painting over the numbered fragments of the canvas with the respective acrylic paints, you can create original and exclusive paintings.

In present, including UK as well, this method of creating a painting with the help of Painting by number is very popular and won the recognition not only of amateur artists, but also of all those who appreciate art, creativity and can’t paint. When the painting by numbers is finished, it is impossible for anyone to guess that it was painted by using such a method as painting by numbers. You will be proud of your work! Psychologists recommend this type of creativity (painting by numbers) as an excellent relaxing method after a hard day of work. After finishing the image, it will perfectly decorate your apartment, house, cottage or will serve as a wonderful gift!


How do we use Paint by Numbers kits for Adults?

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the level of difficulty, it is better to start with simpler techniques. You can find simple paintings within the topics dedicated to children, in animals and birds’ sections. The painting by numbers from our site is done in such a way that, with the increase of the complexity of the artistic techniques used, the skill level of the artist also increases.

In future, by successfully passing all the levels of difficulty, beginner painters will be able to repeat the techniques learned and create his/ her own masterpieces without the help of any clues. You can choose a glossy lacquer for your work, but some options with pastel colours or those made in watercolour will look better when using matte lacquer. The finished work by using the technique of painting by number, decorated and framed, will serve as a wonderful gift.


What does Paint by Numbers represents in itself?

Paint by Numbers kits for Adults is divided into many small fragments. Inside each fragment, numbers are indicated that correspond to the colour number of the paint, which you must apply carefully over this fragment.

The colour scheme of the paints is selected individually for each image, therefore, an additional mixture of colours is not required when painting any image. Acrylic paints, when thickened, can be easily diluted with water and placed easily on the canvas. Also, with a thin brush it will be very easy to paint even the smallest details. Have patience – and you will succeed !!! )))


You have finished Paint by Number Kits, what is next?

Finally the day has come, the picture is ready! Of course, the first thing you do is look for a place to hang the painting so that it would fit harmoniously into your home. Make sure you take a photo as a souvenir, praise to your friends and of course share your work on social media. All this, of course, will bring you a lot of positive feelings, but over time these emotions will reduce in intensity. If you really liked the result, then don’t stop here.

As you have noticed, all Paint by Number Kits have a specific theme and level of complexity. They also differ in size and material of the canvas. Using these functions you can continue the artistic path using the following recommendations:

By buying the following image, select a more complex option (with a large number of small cells for colouring), so you could be interested and attracted to the drawing process all the time, this way your skills will improve.

Combine themes – draw several paintings in one direction, for example, colourful animals. This way you will be able to decorate your wall with a beautiful collage of similar designs.

Use paintings of different sizes – depending on the size, it will be appropriate to place them in different places of the room. Large paintings can be hung above the bed in the bedroom, or in the hallway above the sofa. The little ones are perfect for the kitchen, hallway or children’s room. And if you combine several paintings of different sizes in a “puzzle” one of a kind, you can come up with a very original decor for any room.

You will become the best naturalist! Do you have a beautiful photo that you really like, maybe a photo from a wedding or a simple family portrait? Feel free to order a Paint by Number Kits for Adults according to your favorite picture. It will be a wonderful decoration for your home or an original gift for your friends and relatives.

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