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Order products over £80 to receive a Table easel as a gift!

How can you create
a Flip-Flop Portrait?

Why would you choose
a Flip-Flop Portrait?

  • Authenticity
    Your gift will be unique! Your dear ones will be pleasantly surprised and your gift will last forever!!!

  • Good

    Each portrait is individual and surprises with its abundance of colors that makes you feel energised, gives you high and positive vibrations.

  • The perfect

    Birthdays, Jubilees, weddings, celebrations and corporate parties.

  • Size 40x50cm
    The product is made on canvas and painted with acrylic paints. The paints are odorless and do not fade over time.

  • What can be printed on the canvas?
    Practically everything you can imagine: human faces, pets, engines, or even your company logo!


1.Painting size 40×50 cm (Recommended for a person or for a Logo)
£45 + Delivery £4
2. Size 50×65 cm (Recommended for 2-3 people)
£60 + Delivery £4

How to order

To place your order please fill in the form below or send us an e-mail with the subject line “FLIP FLOP PORTRAIT” to the address: paintingbynumberset@gmail.com. Please attach in the e-mail the picture, the delivery dates and a contact number.

What includes the painting set?

  • High quality canvas (cotton canvas stretched on wooden frame 40x50cm and 50x65cm)
  • 5 Paints
  • 5 Brushes
  • Instruction guide

Order now!

    Step №1 Enter your details

    Step №2 Select images with the following requirements
    1. Reduced number of small items.
    2. Faces must be identifiable, without shadows and of medium or large size.
    3. Good visual quality of the image with proper brightness to maximize visible details.

    General requirements for pictures and images to submit:

    Please send us good resolution digital pictures.

    The optimal file size is not less than 300 kilobits and in pixels – no less than 1000 on the short side.

    Some variations are allowed – it happens that a smaller image gives excelent quality paintings by numbers.  We do accept pictures taken with your mobile phone, but the decision will be made by our designer who will determine if the quality of the image is appropriate.

    The main objects should be clearly delimited. A blurred background it’s acceptable, but under no circumstances should there be shadows on the faces. Of course, they can be illuminated during processing, but the face will become less recognizable, losing its individual characteristics.

    The faces in the photos should be as big as possible in relation to the frame. Otherwise, the details of the eyes, lips, hair will be too small and you will not be able to paint them normally.

    Step №3 Upload your images (maximum of 3)